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Hamburg and traveling and good people to be around........

17 -19 FebHamburg nice! I have come to do some promo for the album. I am staying in Altona which used to be a district frequented by Danish workers although the architecture doesn’t reflect this. The river Elbe seems everywhere and I didn’t realise how big Hamburg actualy is.Also kept seeing buses going to Kraftwerk . Execellent band for a bus to go to. I found out later that Kraftwerk means power station in German . Never came across that word before.18 Feb Did some promo for the album including a Rolling Stone interview. All very enjoyable as the journalists seemed well prepared and intelligent Enjoyed the Rolling Stone one . The guy was well researched and sympathetic. The interview is coming out in next months edition I think.By the way got a copy of the vinyl ‘A trip to the coast’ from the label today. Fantastic you can’t beat vinyl and Tapete have done us proud! Nice one ! Also continued the thus far ill fated video rerouted to Holme in Slezwig Holstein. Went for a ‘William Burroughs ‘ look. I neither liked his lifestyle nor am particularly fond of ‘Naked Lunch’ more of a Ginsberg man from that period but Burroughs sure was a snappy dresser.Did some photos Superpude a really arty hotel in st pauli (Hamburg) highly recommended as was the staff.By the way went to a really nice club in Hamburg Knust . Great sound, great Cola a drink made uniquely in Hamburg called Fitz Kola {I think}. Ate at a bar opposite ‘The Feld stern’ good tapas ! Incidently did the rest of the video in Holme a once thriving fishing area by the river . It did remind me of an out of season sea side town in Wales . By the way just before I left the cameraman Dennis a very funny character in the good sense ) took me to Edeka (it is like Spar in Britain ironically a German company ) to buy some presents for my daughters. Bought said items came back to car to find a German police woman issuing Dennis with a ticket. I appreciate the effort Dennis and we love the tea!Bis bald !Bill

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