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24May The Jane `Club Paris

I have always had a soft spot for Danni the singer and former 60s model.She did herself proud with a great rendition of a Daniel Darc song . She is very warm and slightly lost

Let me set the scene I was asked to play a tribute to a friend Daniel Darc who I recorded the “Parce Que” album with. He died last year in Paris. I wanted to do it to say good bye properly say as I missed his funeral. So I asked The charismatic Moranne with the beautiful voice and the handsome Vincent on bass, both friends from Normandy to play with me . The Jane club is The former Whisky A Go Go . It was the perfect venue to say farewell to Daniel . We played 3songs including a duo with the very charming Fred Lo. Stand out moments Marc Minnelli Paris. Berry last unit qui tombe . The Daniel Darc experience, Bernard doing an amazing version of’ Aimer A Nouveau’ and my experience of singing Je Reve Encore De Toi with Morannne and Vincent. 25 May Aachen

Met the boys, Mike the guitarist singer and all round good guy and Jim the flamboyant and very excitable driver. Dedication. They had travelled nonstop for 500 miles from Leek in Staffordshire, including a ferry,crossing and 3 countries. How cool is that? I meanwhile took the train from Paris. Nice interview with Alice from RTF 2. Nice sound not many about. Thanks Lars the promoter for making us really welcome !

26 May Bremen Dete

Did an interview with a very cool intelligent bloke called Arndt Ziegler at radio Bremen 4 and a recording of 5 songs off “A Trip To The Coast” and other albums. Praise is due to Mike who learnt 2 of the songs in the flat at the venue in Aachen that morning and played them seamlessly. The venue was perfect for a laidback beatnik set artistically and thoughtfully put together with a great art exhibition up top. The 6 owners were perfect the food amazing and the crowd attentive a great combination. I hope you 6 get funding for a new venue in July you deserve it!

27 May Hamburg

The day started interestingly a radio interview for tide cm where me and Mike did 3songs unplugged. The brilliant bit was being let loose on the turntables and playing the vinyl I had bought with me. These include ‘I'm gonna booglarise you baby’ by captain Beefheart ‘Our love was’ the Who And ‘mon meilleur ami’ Francoise Hardy So Altona, St Pauli familiar names from my first trip. When I arrived at the ‘Knust’ club. Henry, a big fan from the former DDR who had been arrested and imprisoned for what I can gather translating 2 children's books into German many years ago, in the former regime pre 1989. Anyway he kept talking about ‘springtime in Prague’ a song I wrote for’ future tense’’ a compilation album .He had all my stuff. Understandably a fairly intense bloke but very nice. Then a woman turned up after 25 years Juliet my first German promoter, then Gary my first manager. A fellow called Seiichi appeared he had travelled from Japan to see the gig I kid you not. He said it was the greatest evening of his life. Weird. I was really touched! He presented me with a beautiful Japanese fan. A really nice bloke who I hope I will meet again. Then a couple from Copenhagen who had travelled to see the gig. But top of the list was Lutz from Tapete who was now off his crutches and back again work. Really lovely bloke.

It was a gig we really enjoyed. I started remembering why I used to like playing live so much.

28 May Nordeney (The island )

Here we go to an island in the North Sea off the northern tip of Germany. The ferry is littered with middle aged German men drinking pilsner lager. We went on as foot passengers because of the heavy restrictions on taking vehicles on the island.

The venue was at the Henriette Kultural Gast Haus. Think that was it, run by the very enterprising Dagmar and Jo. The event was called ‘cosy evenings’ and it took place in the front room of the ‘Gasthaus , . It was great it was like playing in someone’s front room. It is Dagmar and Jos courageous idea of staging theatre music and poetry events in the guest house. It was the first evening of what they called ‘Cosy Evenings’. So we played completely acoustically to a handful of people and bonded. Nice to see a painter of some repute there, ‘Ole West’ I did get your name right. Chatted afterwards over a beautiful bowl of homemade vegetarian Dahl about Bonn Tannenbusch as Dagmar had been a social worker there and I had been a student there. Fabulous experience. Notable for getting everyone to join in with ‘Yeah Yeah Girl’.

29 May Berlin

The Ufa Fabrik was a squat in 1972. It was set up as an artistic ,idealistic meeting place. It has blossomed into an amazing artistic community, housing a dance school, various excellent restaurants a tai chi club . That is just skimming the surface. It is heart warming to think that all this was created out of the 1968 student uprisings. Mani, a musician himself organised the gig . He also very patiently explained the social history of the Fabrik. What an amazing life he has led and so modest. He was a fascinating and very gracious host . The sound was great. We played on the stage that was notable for being the first venue that staged Bertholt Brecht’s Threpenny opera. Lovely to meet Hans and Caren. Also Damien and Kat. The whole audience was fab!

Halle (East Germany) Brohmers 30 may

Wolle . Promoter of the year in my opinion. What a brilliant bloke! We have just played in Brohmers the best music bar ever. Wolle the owner is totally into his music and the whole experience was absolutely fantastic. Notable for the person who inspired my song’ Romance Sans Parole’. You never get over your one true love!

More to follow........

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