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July 2014 from Bill

27 July

Dear all

I’ve been busy these last 2 weeks recording new demos onto my faithful pocket track pr7 (a 1 track machine). Also just started rehearsing for our little adventure for the fields of St Germain. Looking forward to this one. If you’ve seen the flyer it is outdoors by the sea and there is delicious food involved and it is free to get in.The idea from it came last year after I played a gig at the cabaret des artistes st Germain and I met a shepherdess Steph who grazes her sheep on her fields by the St Germain coast line a fascinating woman. When the tide comes in she has to gather her sheep from the sand /fields. Anyway she is setting up stalls and a make shift café on the fields. Steph has even set aside a field for parking. We wanted to do it on the 11 August cos that is when the tide is at his highest. It should be beautiful. It is also a good celebration of what is great about what Steph is creating from her ‘farm’. So about 7 pm on 11 August .

I’ve been trying to work out a hilarious song Hula Baby by Peter Kraus to do as a demo. One of the many difficulties I am having is it is in German. I will persevere.

Nice one


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