Midland Lullabies

Midland Lullabies. 11 songs recorded by Bill Pritchard.  Songs about characters and situations both real and imagined. Small urban operettas featuring both under and over achievers. Classic Bill Pritchard really.


A more stripped back affair than the previous two albums, recorded chez Bill, chez Mike and chez Tim.


Included again is live guitarist Mike Rhead who can be heard playing guitar. He who also co wrote "Lanterns". Also featured is the fantastic Luke Hodkins on drums. The drums were recorded in Leek in Staffordshire in a single afternoon. We should also not forgetting the ever enigmatic Remy LaPlage on bass duties.


Midland Lullabies, folow up to Mother Town Hall, the follow up to A Trip To The Coast.

 Another new album so soon. Who would have thought that? probably not even Bill.


thanks, merci, danke, gracias etc.........


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