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It all started innocently enough. An email requesting music for the launch of a poetry book . I checked this bloke out. I liked the way he wrote although the references and geography of his writing were unfamiliar to me which was another part of the attraction. I bought one of his books and turned randomly to the poem ‘Mama’s Bazaar’ this intrigued me even more . Then Patrick sent me some of his new poetry.I loved his turn of phrase ,it flowed and  I left his words on the piano. 


He lived in a place far away of extreme weather that was totally unknown to me. His emails intrigued me about  his  Inuvialuit community  surrounded by wolves and grizzly bears.He now lives by the Labrador Sea and I don’t know why but that makes sense to me. 


Some of his lyrics reminded me of late 60s lyrics  at their  best. Other lyrics had words I’d never heard in pop music. Obviously a highly literate and skilled man he non the less had a great feel for the simple musical colours I could contribute.


Private bar was the first and then spontaneously more and more. I hunted out the local studio of my mate Scott ‘The Coalhaus’. We recorded Private Bar just me and Scott  and I played loads of  instruments, it was liberating.


This album is a labour of love. We have created our own little world somewhere between Canada’s Arctic and North Staffordshire.We have never met!


Bill Pritchard  10th November 

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