Mother Town Hall

Recording was focused around Bill's House and Tim and Mike's studio in Leek, "Monument Sound". Lot's of funky equipment and plenty of creativity.


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Bill Pritchard

Bill sings and plays guitar. He also writes songs about life and love and Newcastle-Under-Lyme, his adopted home. Q magazine described him as a national "treasure". Lovely.


Mike Rhead

Mike plays guitar on Midland Lullabies. Mike plays live with Bill and co wrote Lanterns with Bill and Tim.

Apart from playing live with Bill, Mike is working on original songs, playing  guitar in various projects ranging from folk to funk and is the bass player for Strawberry Break

Tim Bradshaw

Tim plays Piano. He also produced Midland Lullabies and Bill's last 2 albums A Trip To The Coast and Mother Town Hall. Tim has played live with Bill, David Gray, John Mayer and many others.


Luke Hodgkins

Luke Hodkins plays drums on the album. A long time friend of Mike Rhead, and occasional band mate of both Mike and Tim Bradshaw, Luke is a versatile and natural drummer with great feel. He also plays fantastic guitar, just not on this!

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Remy LaPlage

Remy plays Bass on the album. This is the fourth album of Bill's he's played on starting back in the 20th century on "Happiness And Other Crimes". They met through a mutual friend and appreciation of Slovakian brass band music, where Remy's Grandfather was an admiral in the merchant navy. His greatest influences reamain The Tiger Lillies and Abba.