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Hi all.The tour in May is shaping up nicely. In fact so much so that I have been practicing the various songs from past to present . It is a strange feeling reliving the lyrics culled from the back of my albums, old and new. I’ve been listening to an amazing album Sprechen Sie pop a compilation of French and English artists recording 60s and 70s singles in German. The stand out tracks and who knows songs I wouldn’t mind covering are Hallo,bonjour,salut by Antoine a Vogue artist from the 60s who disappeared to go around the world on a boat Fact! His German accent is fantastically French. Another song which is a find is Sandy Shaw’s Sommerwind . Excellent!. The album is Sprechen Sie Pop (B Bureau). If you get a chance have a listen.I heard a great quote yesterday by Michael Nyman who stated his influences as ‘minimalism and the Beatles’. Doesn’t that describe the influences of every British songster from a certain trench of music from the 70s to the present?All the bestBill

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